You don’t need to compete to win!

The SCULT.com portal helps you in finding volunteering opportunities in different sport events and clubs, internationally and locally. Gain new experiences, meet new friends and collect memorable moments – great happenings, but also appealing small events are waiting you!

Things to Remember as a Volunteer

Be aware of your expectations.Think through why you would like to be active as a volunteer and what you want to do. Analyse which activities fit better to your skills and experiences but also provide new development opportunities for you.

Comply with assumed duties diligently.Keep you promises. Do not be late and/or leave the work unfinished – other people count on you and the sport event’s overall success depends on you.

Participate in seminars and other development lectures that support your volunteering work, both in theory and in practice. Ask if you do not understand anything. Be cautious. Refuse to perform a task when it threatens your or others’ life and health, or if the instructions are in conflict with the law.

Respect your other team members, the organisation and event you are volunteering for. Get acquainted with the event organiser’s or the sports club’s values, traditions and rules, and accept them. Listen to other volunteers’ experiences, and share your own.

Inform the event organiser and/or the volunteer coordinator about any important issues or questions related to your duties.Express your own expectations and possibilities early on. Talk about the decision affecting (possibly hindering) your work and/or its quality. Give proposals to improve the organisation of voluntary activities. Immediately inform organisers about the obstacles to volunteering and/or your intentions to finish your voluntary work.