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If you organise an international sports event...

If you organise an international sports event or are a sports club leader, we will help you to find volunteers. Send us your wish to, adding the time of the event, location, a brief description of the event, information for volunteers (who and in what tasks they are expected, if there are restrictions, such as age, respect, etc.), what is offered to volunteers (e.g. T-shirt, food, transport), voluntary registration contact (registration form link and/or contact e-mail and name of the coordinator), the host organisation name, and web address of the event.

Attach three cool images of the event too:

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  • images can also be cut to length by us.

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Things to Remember as a Sport Event Organiser When Working With Volunteers:

  • Find the motives of people, provide a favourable environment for volunteers to meet and get new experiences, treat them as an integral and important part of your organisation. Your organisation’s team and the volunteers need to be treated equally as one family – only then will the event succeed!
  • Remember that the volunteer does the work for general good and is typically not someone’s personal assistant (unless its is agreed so).
  • Inform and instruct both the volunteers and people directly guiding them. It is recommended to give volunteers a folder that contains the task description, key names and their contacts, event schedule, safety principles, etc.
  • Be aware of the difficulty and complexity level of a particular task versus a volunteer’s age, precious work experience and his of her abilities. Do not over or underestimate the volunteers. Plan the time and keep your promises. Be there when the volunteers need you. Take the health and safety issues seriously.
  • Motivation. Voluntary activities should not entail significant costs for volunteers. Depending on the event, meals, transportation and/or accommodation is provided. Also, a voluntary package with T-shirt is often provided. However, the most important gain for volunteers are the new experiences, positive emotion, new friends and just fun.
  • Do not forget thanking and asking for volunteers’ feedback! Send an e-mail with a short feedback form to the volunteers in about a week after the event.