Event description

This year's Maratón Internacional Ciudad de Logroño will take place on the 6th of October 2022 in Logroño (La Rioja).

Volunteering opportunities


In any sports event, volunteers are essential for the organisation and development of the event.

Therefore, if you want to collaborate as a volunteer, we will be delighted to have you and your work within the race!

If you wish to take part and share this unique experience, send your request to the e-mail provided.

Volunteer package

The positions, where we will need your help:

  • ROUTE: We need volunteers to stand along the route and mark the correct route for the runners to follow to avoid confusion during the race.
  • REFRESHMENTS: We need volunteers who are located at the crossing points and main refreshment points to help the runners with drinks and motivation in difficult moments of the race. The work of the volunteers is essential to offer all the runners their immediate liquid and solid supplies.
  • START AND FINISH AREA: We need volunteers in the start and finish area of ​​the race to ensure its correct organisation, help fans to position themselves correctly avoiding traffic jams, crowds or unnecessary incidents at times of maximum public influx in a smaller spaces.
  • AWARDS: This is a key moment in a race, everyone wants to see the awards ceremony and many runners will receive their trophy. We need volunteers to help us organise and deliver all those prizes, plus all participants will have a commemorative medal of the event and we will need all the help we can get to deliver them to everyone quickly.
  • WARDROBE: We need volunteers to help us organise the race wardrobe, store the runners' bags and backpacks and deliver them to them after they have crossed the finish line. It is a fundamental task so that all the runners have their clothes as soon as possible to be able to change after the effort.