Event description

Hosting the Summer Universiade 2019 in Naples and the whole of Campania region offers great opportunities of development for both the host region as well as international university sports. In a world where major social conflicts seem to be obstacles to coexistence, the 2019 Napoli Summer Universiade sets out to promote sports beyond competition based on results, victories and records, but also on personal values of cooperation, inclusion, tolerance, respect and support in overcoming disappointment, failure and defeat in sports.

Volunteering opportunities

In the year 2019 Napoli and the Campania Region will host the 30th Summer Universiade and we need your help to organize this great event, joining the International Volunteer Program of 30th Summer Universiade Napoli 2019. Volunteers are the most important part of all the organization and they will have the opportunity to live an unique experience, working inside the OC, helping around 10.000 athletes from all over the world and showing the famous hospitality of Napoli and the Campania Region. Who can become a volunteer? Any adult , italian or foreign, with a good knowledge of italian and english can fill out the form and join the Napoli 2019 Volunteer Program. What kind of help can I give to the Universiade? Volunteers can collaborate in all the organization areas: accreditation, transportation. athletes village, communication, marketing, sport venues etc. When will I begin to work for the Universiade? Volunteers should be available for a training in May/June 2019. At the end, the great experience in Universiade’s organitation will begin.


  • You must be 18 years old by April 1st, 2019 (There is no maximum age limit for volunteers);
  • You must be an Italian or EU citizen; non-EU citizen must possess a short-stay visa.

Info: https://volunteer.universiade2019napoli.it/

Volunteer package

  • Napoli 2019 official uniform;
  • Reimbursement of expenses (25€ per day)
  • Food and beverage;
  • Free access to public transport to reach the assigned venues;
  • Training sessions related to sporting events and non-profit sector management;
  • More benefits to be defined;
  • Official certificate of participation.