Event description

Spring is possibly the finest season and that is true here in the Muota valley too. As spring sets in, the snow on the mountains melts and the Muota fills with water. This is good news not only for the organisers of the Canoe World Championships, but also for the Schwyz electricity company since, as the Muota flows down the valley it is used to produce electricity at several points. Finally, the Muota enters the magnificent Lake Lucerne at Brunnen, on whose western shores the famous "city of light" itself stands.

The occasion of the Canoe World Championships will bring an international focus to the otherwise tranquil and quiet Muota valley; and we welcome this. It is a pleasure and an honour for us.  It shows that the unspoilt environment of the Muota valley, with the Muota River tumbling through it, has its place on the international stage. Now, for the first time since 1973, Muotathal again has the honour of welcoming the Canoe World Championships.

Muotathal is one of the ten largest communes in Switzerland by area, covering a total of 172 km2; however, having only 3600 inhabitants it is sparsely populated and much of it is nature at its most natural.  Ried and Bisisthal also form part of the Muotathal district.

Volunteering opportunities

Such a major event requires a large number of helpers. Not only on the race days themselves, but also helpers for the Organising Committee, who are prepared to organise smaller tasks and manage these on race days.  At the moment we are looking for

– For the wider Organising Committee: Marketing Manager.

– For advance preparation and organisation on the day: Volunteer coordinator; Competitor refreshments; Management of site access control; Awards ceremony organisation; Erection and management of the press centre; Various small organisational tasks such as organising the flags, creating and posting signage, advertising banner placement, public address system.

If you would like to help the Muota 2018 team just for one day or maybe several days even, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Volunteer package