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93RD LAHTI SKI FESTIVAL WITH 8 FIS NORDIC WORLD CUP COMPETITIONS 2-4 MARCH 2018. Nordic Combined, Ski Jumping, Cross-Country

Volunteering opportunities

Form Filling Instructions: https://www.gatehq.fi/lahti/index.php/site/page?page_id=instructions Fill in the form and submit it and we will contact you on January 2018 at the lastest. In the upcoming winter, in the 93rd order, Salpausselkä competitions will require volunteers to complete the organization and work in a variety of positions. We are looking forward to an exciting and smiling, enthusiastic volunteer for making an international and contemporary event. The age limit for assignments is 16 years and 18 years for the aforementioned tasks. The official languages ​​of the event are Finnish and English, one of which must be managed smoothly.

Volunteer search starts in early November 2017 and ends on December 10, 2017. If you have volunteered for either World Cup 2017 or Pre-2016, you must activate your participation according to the instructions provided in the email you received. Do not create a new profile for yourself! If your e-mail address has changed after the World Championships, please contact the organization (contact details below). New volunteers need to fill in the notification form and proceed according to the instructions provided by the system. Please note that you can update the form information later on. The event will take place from 2 to 4 March 2018, but many tasks will need volunteers well before the event and after the event in conjunction with the snatch. Offices: +358 (0) 44 018 7420 Voluntary matters relating to competition or order missions (LHS): +358 (0) 44 971 1726 VOLUNTEER ROLE; CATERING, CUSTOMER SERVICE, PROGRAM ASSISTANTS, PUBLIC SERVICES / SALES, ADMINISTRATION(FREE ACTION, ACCREDITATION, ECONOMIC OFFICE), ELECTRICITY AND IT, SAFETY (ORGANIZERS (18th AD), TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT (18TH CENTURY), PARK PASSWORD CONTROL, SPRING VALUES), FREIGHT LOGISTICS, AIR AND GUIDELINES, CONSTRUCTION, TRANSPORT (TRANSPORT OFFICE, DRIVERS (18th AD)), MAINTENANCE

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On weekdays, warm meals and coffee

Work certificate (on request)

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Work control and support during the event

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