Event description

Ekstremsportveko aims to mix sports and culture. With that in mind, every year national and international bands and DJ’s perform at the festival tent. On the first day of Ekstremsportveko an official opening ceremony takes place, where extreme sports and music plays a big part. Throughout the week there are several events composing our festival: Today’s Video, Bula Beanie Boogie Party, Movie Night, concerts, shows and the coolest festival night club in Norway: The party in our Lounge!

Volunteering opportunities

Every year the organisers need help from about 700 volunteers in order to make Ekstremsportveko a huge success. Working as a volunteer is fun as you get to see and experience Ekstremsportveko from a different perspective. You will meet a lot of people from all over the world, sharing in the joy of the festival. If you want to help us with volunteer work, we are happy to make you a part of our crew! People who volunteer will work mostly with the festival part of Veko. Typical tasks would be: bar, cafe, registration, sale of clothing, ticket sales, festival camp etc.

Volunteer package

You only need to work 3 shifts in order to receive a festival pass! This pass gives you access to all concerts and events during Ekstremsportveko. A party will also be hosted in honor of the people who work as volunteers during Ekstremsportveko!