Event description

IRONMAN Tallinn, Estonia will take place in Estonia’s capital of Tallinn, located at the Baltic sea. The city is situated on the northern coast of the country, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland 80 km south of Helsinki, east of Stockholm, and west of Saint Petersburg in Harju County. Considered one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval cities of Europe, today’s Tallinn is home to 445,000 people Tallinn will become only the second capital in Europe to host an IRONMAN event, sharing this distinction with Denmark’s KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen. The race will be the second IRONMAN event in Estonia after the SIS IRONMAN 70.3 Otepää. The race begins with a single-loop 3.8 km swim in the Baltic sea near the Seaplane Harbour museum. Athletes will then continue onto a two-loop, 180.2 km bike course which leads along the coastline and nearby villages. The final 42.2 km four-loop run takes participants through the historical city center of Tallinn, an UNESCO world heritage site, and finishes on Freedom Square.

Volunteering opportunities

IRONMAN Tallinn 2018 volunteers work is organised jointly with the World Sport Volunteers Movement SCULT.com What dates you can volunteer: 31.07 / 01.08 / 02.08 / 03.08 / 04.08 / 05.08 IRONMAN Tallinn 2018 volunteers work is organised jointly with the World Sport Volunteers Movement SCULT. What dates you can volunteer: 31.07 / 01.08 / 02.08 / 03.08 / 04.08 / 05.08 Choose your dream job (up to 3):  Information centre  Secretariat  Media & press  Medical (nurse, doctor- clarify)  Construction  Energy points  Start  Transition area  Swimming area (rescue team)  Running course  Bike course  Finish  Luggage  Children's area  Massage team GROUPS of volunteers are also needed to help out at feed stations, energy points, athlete bag drop-off and collection and along the cycle and run course. #Information centre: You will be the main contact point at the event venue. Experience nervousness and anticipation of athletes before the race. Be ready to ask and answer their questions. Guide athletes in the race are, be aware of the transition area and details related to the race. Spectators have questions - you need to help them, too. Speaking more than one language is an advantage. #Secretariat/registration/: Athlete Registration is a critical part of the race experience. This is an important position as you will be the first members of the team to meet and greet the athletes when they arrive. It is a customer-facing role and we are looking for volunteers who are friendly, approachable and like communication. It is a busy job with lots of interaction with the athletes. Your task is to register athletes and hand out all the necessary paperwork needed for the race. In addition, you will assist with athlete bag packing and will set up the secretariat during the days before the event. #Media & Press: We are looking for volunteers who have great interpersonal and communication skills to join our Media & Press team. You will support the IRONMAN Tallinn Media & Press team- events, marketing, social media, photography, communication. #Medical: Athletes well-being is our priority. Medical team supports athletes during and after the race. This is a tough race for all the athletes and we want to give them a secure feeling that comes to their health. We are looking for doctors and specialized personal. #Construction: In order to make the IRONMAN event unforgettable for both - athletes and spectators we need helping hands to build a start area, a finish area, race centre. Volunteers are required pre- and post race. #Start area: the atmosphere is absolutely brilliant at the start are- for athletes this is the beginning of the long and exciting journey. There will be 2000 participants waiting for the start of their big race. Volunteers need to keep the start area clean and in good order, ensure that only athletes enter the area. We are also looking for volunteers who direct participants safely into and out of the water and later lead them to the transition area. #Transition area: athletes will come to this area twice - after swimming to collect their bags of cycle gear and bikes, and again when they have completed the cycle leg to take their bags of run gear. The transition area is an extremely busy place during the race day. Volunteers are required to catch bikes from the athletes, re-organise athlete’s transition bags. There will be 2000 participants and you need to be quick and think fast to get all the equipment organised. #Swim course, Rescue Team: You must be an excellent swimmer who can independently use a canoe, paddle board, boat. You need to ensure safety of athletes, be prepared to help with rescues and offer any assistance as soon as it is required. Own wet-suit is an advantage. #Run course: the last part of IRONMAN is a marathon and we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers. The participants need additional power on such a long day and the louder you can cheer on them the more motivation they will get. We need people in the run stations and marshals. This is the part of the race you can see athletes close by and witness how strong they mentally have to be to push themselves over the finish line. IRONMAN is a dream of thousands - EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! #Bike course: there are different roles which need to be filled- to set-up a bike course, help in the bike course aid stations or marshalling. Marshalling is one of the most important roles- ensure the course is traffic free and there is no danger for the athletes who cycle at the full speed, and at the same time guarantee safety for pedestrians and fellow volunteers. #Finish: Experience the buzz and excitement of the finish area, congratulate athletes and hand out medals and t-shirts, before leading them to a post-race reception for some well-deserved rest and recuperation. #Luggage: You will help out in the baggage area. You need to be quick, trustworthy and organized as there will be 2000 athletes with their personal belongings. The bags will be taken from the athletes in the morning and will be returned to them post-race. We need volunteers who can run the bag area like clockwork. #Energy points: IRONMAN Tallinn takes a lot of energy from the athletes. You are the one who will provide athletes with the energy (snacks, drinks) they need to cross that finish line. Energy points on the run course offer perfect opportunity to get the first volunteering experience for younger and little volunteers. Bike course energy points require more skilled volunteers- puncture and quick legs are” must” to hand out energy gels and filled drinking bottles. #Children’s area: your role is to keep children entertained and to look after them. #Massage team: this team helps athletes to relax and loosen up their muscles after a long day. You are welcome to the team if you are an experienced masseur/physiotherapist.

Volunteer package

Join us and you will get memorable experiences and international friends. • On a workday we offer a warm food • Ironman volunteers T-shirt • After the competition "Volunteers party" in Kalevi Sports Hall 05.08 at 18 • Free participation in the Ironman Tallinn short race Telia Triathlon 4: 18: 4 in the Seaplane Harbour (Estonian Maritime Museum) 400 m swimming, 18 km bicycle, 4 km run - ideal for the first triathlon (optional). • Free public transport in Tallinn • Gifts and offers from partners • Simple accommodation at school in Tallinn city centre