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the 2nd European Games 2019 in Minsk. The 2019 European Games will last for 9 days. The Games will end on June 30 and will be closed. Opening and closing ceremonies will be held at the Minskin "Dinamo" stadium. Some types of races were allowed to start on June 20, one day before the official opening. The 2nd European Games will feature 16 sports. 11 of them will be awarded with the license points for the Tokyo-2020 Summer Olympic Games. Only 5 types - gymnastics, wrestling, sambo, 3X3 basketball and beach football will be different in this regard. The latter, however, does not generally refer to the Olympic Games. Games - "Dynamo" stadium, "Minsk Arena", "Palova Arena", "Uruchye" Sports Palace, "Chijovka Arena", Olympic Complex, "Sport Club", rowing in Saslavian channel, "Falkon club". The program will include aerobics, volleyball, water sports, triathlon, fencing, taekwondo and mountain biking competitions in comparison with the Baku 2015 European Games. #2019minsk #europeangames #minsk

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