Event description

Come join us at DGI Sport & Culture Festival in 2017 – Landsstaevnet or L2017 for short. DGI, Denmark’s Sport for all Federation, is the organization behind the renowned festival, which will be held from June 29th through July 2nd 2017 in the city of Aalborg. L2017 is a multi-sport event held every 4th year and joined by more than 25,000 participants. Gymnastics plays a vital and visible role in the festival and more than 12,000 gymnasts contribute to the atmosphere. Gymnastics teams will get two performances at outdoor floors, and you will experience several activities, workshops and events all over the city of Aalborg. Do not miss the great atmosphere and experience a city of pulse and movement!

Volunteering opportunities

Get Volunteer: In less than a month, Denmark's biggest sports festival will hit Aalborg - and you can still get amazing experiences as volunteers. Volunteer to the Landsstævnet Aalborg 2017 find in facebook Frivillig til Landsstævnet Aalborg 2017: https://www.facebook.com/frivilligL2017/?fref=ts Volunteers web site: https://www.dgi.dk/landsstaevne/frivillige/frivillige Contact: elin.zachariasen@dgi.dk

Volunteer package