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White-collars and the renaissance of volunteering

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LinkedIn is the world`s biggest white-collars’ database - network of people who have usually attended schools a lot and are working at cool jobs. These are people who earn mountains but whose schedules are so packed, that there hardly is any spare time. Workaholics, if you wish. Even so, as many as 82% of them are keen to share their time and experience voluntarily (sic!). There has to have a reason behind it?!

The first argument can be found in the pyramid of Maslow`s Hierarchy of Needs - the person who`s full and has a roof above will start to search for possibilities of self-actualization. Their role in society and meaning of life in a wider sense. Therefore, one’s ego certainly plays a role. At the same time, there is an interesting fact: up to 41% of headhunters and recruiters in LinkedIn evaluate voluntary work experience as equipotent to their experience in payed work and as many as… more

Banks are finding it harder to attract young recruits & volunteering helps

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Millennials are getting pickier

“FIST BUMP, MAN.” That was how a young employee at Bank of America Merrill Lynch expressed his approval after a presentation to staff, recalls Diego De Giorgi, head of investment banking there. The boss obliged. After a recent “town hall” meeting he got an e-mail from a second-year analyst who wanted to discuss some ideas. Mr De Giorgi duly invited him and a few of his peers for a chat.

Today’s recruits to big banks have different priorities from the newcomers of a decade or two ago. These days a presentation to university students might be followed by half an hour of questions about the bank’s corporate social responsibility programme, as well as the more obvious ones about pay and promotion prospects.

“ Millennials are much more likely to come and go than to pursue a one-firm career ”

Those presentations attract significantly fewer people than they did at… more

Behind the Scenes at Rio 2016: the (Unpaid) Olympic Volunteers


The Olympic Games brings together not just athletes, coaches, and spectators, but also an enthusiastic group known as the Olympic Volunteers. These aptly named individuals volunteer their time and skills into making the Games as successful as they can be; according to Craig Reedie of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), volunteering has now become “part of the whole ethos, the quality, of the Games.”

Of course, the IOC would say that—while its members receive a $900 per diem during the Games, the unpaid volunteers will do much of the legwork required to pull off the Games.

The volunteers contribute in a number of ways. Most of the 70,000 Olympic Volunteers here in Rio, for example, will be working in one of the four “clusters” in the neighbourhoods of Barra, Deodoro, Maracanã and Copacabana. Their responsibilities will range from translating to setting up cameras, from guiding… more

London 2012: Olympics success down to 70,000 volunteers

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The 70,000 Olympic volunteers who have given their time and energy have been the key to the Games' success.

They are the unsung - and unpaid - heroes and heroines who will take home priceless memories.

Contributing eight million hours of voluntary work behind the scenes, without them the Games would not have been possible.

With relentless enthusiasm and energy Thomas Smith, 23, from Southampton, is typical of the "Games Makers".

Having just finished his final exams in mechanical engineering at Bath University and with a job lined up, instead of taking a well-earned rest he was giving up his last summer holiday before his working life begins to be part of London 2012.

Standing in the sunshine outside the Olympic Stadium dealing with a steady stream of spectators looking for assistance, Mr Smith was just glad to be of help.

"To be honest I never really thought of it as giving up something," he… more